Bats in the Belfry!

Did You Know….

Several of our self catering properties have wildlife connections. One of these is Pipistrelle, which is the name of a type of bat!

A Long-eared bat rests on a tree trunk.

A Long-eared bat rests on a tree trunk.

Here are some cool bat facts:

There are 16 types of bats in the UK and 13 of these can be found in Norfolk. These include the Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and the Brown Long-eared bat.

Our rarest bat in Norfolk is the Barbastelle. We have one of only four known breeding sites in the UK for this type of bat, at Paston Barn.

Norfolk’s most common bat, the Pipistrelle is only 4cm long and weighs less than a 2p coin!

Bats are often found in new buildings – half of known Pipistrelle bat roosts are in houses less than 25 years old – hopefully none in our cottage!!

Bats are not blind but they ‘see’ in the dark by listening to very high-pitched echoes of their calls bouncing off objects around them.

In Britain it is illegal to kill a bat or disturb the places where they roost.

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