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5 Great Walks in North Norfolk

  North Norfolk is a beautiful place filled with wonderful scenery and varied wildlife.  Don’t take our word for it – Norfolk is peppered with designated ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty’,  and in our humble opinion the best way to enjoy them is to walk through them, whether by the coast or in the countryside. We may not have… Read more »

Tea, cake and a royal birthday

With the Queen’s 90th birthday this week, planned celebrations seem to consist largely of consuming significant amounts of tea and cake in her honour.  Which is only fitting, as it is reportedly Her Majesty’s favourite meal of the day, and she doesn’t look bad on a lifetime of regular cake intake. If you consider it… Read more »

5 Great Norfolk Gardens

Looking round someone else’s beautiful garden on a Sunday afternoon in the summer, with side servings of tea and homemade cake is something of a national pastime, and in North Norfolk we can boast more than our fair share of spectacular gardens.   72 Norfolk gardens are open under the NGS scheme alone this summer, not forgetting whole villages who… Read more »

Blakeney Nature Reserve – always a winner

Blakeney Nature Reserve has just been announced as runner-up in the Countryfile Magazine Award for the best UK Nature Reserve for 2015/2016. It is one of the largest expanses of undeveloped coastal habitats of its type in Europe, and extends to 1,097 hectares.  It is home to Twite, snow bunting and shore larks, tern colonies with… Read more »

Hidden Gems of Norfolk

Even people who have lived all their lives in North Norfolk come across places they didn’t even know existed. So what hope does your average visitor have of getting to know this large and varied county? Especially when the natives tend to play things pretty close to their chests.  To try and help our Kett… Read more »

Top 5 Romantic Things to Do in Norfolk

Here in Norfolk, we tend not to blow our own trumpets romantically speaking, but in fact this beautiful part of the world provides both setting and activities to satisfy the most romantic of fools.  To help things along we have devised a cunning plan with a top 5 romantic things to do in Norfolk. Book… Read more »

Burnham Overy – a bird’s eye view

Usually visitors who come to our beautiful county, choose to explore its attractions by car, on foot, by boat or by bicycle. Murray Taylor, who stayed at a Kett cottage in Burnham Overy has come up with an alternative way to see the countryside – through video goggles whilst flying a radio controlled quadcoptor, so… Read more »

Undiscovered Norfolk?

The news that the footprints of a million year old family have been found in Happisburgh, will come as no surprise to its residents. Everybody knows the area is just perfect for a family holiday, and now it turns out even prehistoric man and his dependents sank their toes into the white sands of Happisburgh. … Read more »

Norfolk stars in famous films.

With the Hollywood film awards season in full swing, and the weather being such that a Sunday afternoon on the sofa with a good film is the activity of choice. But did you know the county of Norfolk stars in famous films? Our beautiful county is no stranger to Hollywood. Gywneth Paltrow has walked barefoot… Read more »

Winter Days in Norfolk

Just because the days are short, and the suntan lotion has been relegated to back of the cupboard doesn’t mean that the holiday spirit is dead and gone. Norfolk is not just a sunshine coastal county, but a destination which can surprise at all times of the year. Here are five, slightly different things to… Read more »