Funtime in Sunny Hunny

I don’t often get let out of the offices here at Kett Country Cottages, but when I do, I really let my hair down (ha, ha…) I had a fantastic family day out at Hunstanton the other day, so I thought I would share it with you!

Off to the Sea Life Sanctuary first, where we met our friends (who like it so much they have an annual membership giving them all unlimited access to 10 SEA LIFE centres and Sanctuaries in the UK!) Think that may well be on our shopping list now as my 7 and 5 year olds thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As much running around ensued, gawping at strange creatures (in the tanks, not out…), holding starfish and crabs (ouch!), I suddenly spotted four little heads popping out of the Caiman Crocodile enclosure. Oops….? Thankfully, as it turned out they were in a tunnel allowing them to get up close and personal with the crocs – rather them than me.

Caiman Crocodile at Sealife Sanctuary

We walked through another tunnel, this one taking us under the main aquarium, home to ferocious sharks, huge rays and the giant and elegant Sea Turtle. Wished I looked as graceful in the water…..hey ho.

Giant Sea Turtle at Sealife Sanctuary Hunstanton

After that excitement, we went to see the rescued Seals. Lots of “ahhh, I want to take them home” and “oooh, is that what I think it is?” and then on to the otters and rare Humboldt Penguins family, slipping and sliding around.

Beau the Humboldt penguin

Finally, there was more slipping and sliding around (children this time), along with jumping and whooping at the Pirate play area. A real hit with all ages especially the grown ups, who got to sit down! We had a bit of a picnic lunch, although there is a cafe available, and then onwards and upwards….

Sea wall at Hunstanton Norfolk

People watching along the Sea wall at Hunstanton Norfolk

We took a stroll along the Prom, people watching and ended up at the Old Boat House Cafe for a cuppa and bubble gum ice lollies (don’t ask…). Great place, next to the Lifeboat Station, where you can eat in or they have tables outside on the seafront, with a friendly welcome, even for my four legged friend!

We rounded the day off with a swim at the Oasis Leisure Centre – great value with a leisure card – and always a hit with my two, although they still insist I go down the swishy swirly, twisty twirly slide thingy. I would never tell them I actually enjoy it….

So, if you are holidaying with us here in Norfolk and you fancy a bit of old fashioned British Seaside fun, give Sunny Hunny a go – there’s something to keep everyone happy!