Normal for Norfolk?

Cromer residents may have experienced a close encounter of the third kind when they spotted a UFO hovering off the coast at the weekend.

A bright white and blue light was spotted near to the offshore wind farm at around 8.30pm on Saturday and after appearing to rise higher into the sky, its lights began to flash green and red around its base.

Andrew Cochran spotted the object. He said: “I was walking along the sea front heading away from the pier looking out towards the wind turbine farm on the horizon when I noticed [it], then it appeared to move about them. I assumed it was a helicopter. The object then shot up really fast and stopped when it was very high in the sky. I watched the object as it just sat for an hour before it started to very slowly move eastwards. It was not a star, as I know my stars, so I am perplexed and curious.”

Norfolk seems to be something of a playground for our outer space visitors….

During early November 1995 the local papers published a number of articles relating to UFO sightings and during early October 1996 North Norfolk was plagued with UFO sightings. Reports came from numerous people including police officers, pilots, the coastguard and radar operators. The most detailed sighting involves Cromer in which a RAF officer reported seeing a UFO from his car on January 24, 2002.

Are you visiting Norfolk, maybe staying in one of our self-catering coastal cottages? Did you see anything unusual off the north Norfolk coast during last Saturday night? Let us know if you have seen anything more unusual than normal! Maybe they came to watch the Olympics???