Eliza Miller’s August Find

Turnaround vintage dress shop Fakenham

Aha – how I love a find! Quite what took me so long to discover this veritable Aladdin’s Cave of fashion I don’t know, but they say the best things are worth waiting for…

TURNAROUND is a vintage dress shop tucked away in Newmans Yard, just off the Norwich Road in Fakenham (directly opposite the entrance to Kett Country Cottages as it so happens). As I was leaving the Kett office a few weeks ago I half noticed something silvery enticing me towards the window of the shop – upon closer inspection ‘something’ was a pair of gorgeous silver linen Castaner wedge espadrille shoes. Now that might not sound very special to some people reading this, but trust me it was exciting (especially as they were my size, had never been worn and were £30 as opposed to more like £130 new….). They might not sound very vintage (that’s because they weren’t – Caroline, the owner of the shop, sells a small amount of new stuff too) but they were ‘a find’ and I was delighted. Once over the threshold I felt duty bound to explore the premises and my pulse was racing with every sequinned bolero top and crocodile skin handbag I chanced upon.

Caroline is the epitome of style and sophistication and embodies all things chic and classic so pretty much every thing in the shop is asking to be taken home with you. Perhaps it is a bit like just browsing around Battersea Dogs Home if you are a dog lover….. As a lover of fashion, I felt that I really should take a few things home with me, to give them the love and adoration they deserve! It never ceases to amaze me what people part with – Ossie Clarke dresses or a velvet Jean Muir jacket, vintage Christian Dior sunglasses or reams of silk Hermes scarves… I persuade myself it is like investing in art – surely these luxury items can only appreciate over the years (although many are already a good few years old!).

My late Father had worked in fashion (Jaeger) and so I grew up with a rather glamorous mother who was always sporting the latest designs, had a wardrobe bulging at the seams and Vogue and Harpers & Queen magazines stacked chimney high all around the house. As I write this I wonder if I am doing myself a massive disservice by sharing my new found secret… I hope I don’t now risk losing first grab of the next pair of Chanel pumps that appear!