Springtime Stess Relief

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Sometimes life can seem to throw a huge array of little things at you that are just sure to get your shoulders tight and muscles knotted. I know that I am constantly feeling the effects of what seem to be a multitude of tiny little things that end up turning into a headache or a stiff neck. There are a few things you can do to try to fight the effects of stress, from meditation and exercise to taking a holiday. But actually a massage can really help. I don’t think I’d realised the extent of how much I needed a massage until I had one yesterday with Linda Black of Tidal Therapies, based at Newman’s Yard in Fakenham.

Linda is a personable and friendly woman who has advanced training and experience in the world of massage. As well as many different types of massage (Thai hot compress, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy, Swedish holistic and Indian head massage) there are facials, body scrubs, reflexology, reiki healing, nutritional therapy, Nordic walking and lots more.

After a bit of telephone tennis with Linda and I pinging voicemails backwards and forwards to try to secure an appointment I finally manage to settle for 10.30 yesterday morning. I arrived at Tidal Therapies and was greeted by Linda. I took a couple of minutes to fill in a form detailing my levels of stress etc and had a chat.

I have to say that she really managed to ascertain exactly where I was holding tension and adapted the therapy to suit this. I had booked for a 75 minute Swedish massage but when Linda found that there were some areas that were really tight around the top of my left shoulder she heated up some basalt stones and used them to melt away the last remaining knots.

I left Tidal Therapies with a loyalty card in my hand (if you buy five treatments you get the sixth free) a spring in my step and feeling much lighter and happier than I had about two hours before – I almost felt too relaxed to drive home!

So if you are looking for something to really get you in the holiday mood if you’re up here staying in one of Kett’s lovely holiday cottages in North Norfolk or just to relax those of you that live nearby then I can highly recommend a visit to Tidal Therapies.


Ella Henderson, March 2011.