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Update your Holiday Rental property for 2013

According to an article in 2013012810587/Home-Garden/design-solutions.html” target=”_blank”>Best Local Living magazine, it is not only fashion that is subject to seasonal trends! Nicola Hardy has identified the top ten trends that interior designers will be showcasing for 2013.
So if you are one of our many holiday cottage owners and are considering a revamp in the near future, allow us to share her hot tips for the season ahead….

The palettes and style ideas for the next season trickle down from the catwalk. The colours and effects don’t get there by accident; they are carefully thought out by leaders of the Interior Design world, and much of it is inspired by Couture. Nicola Hardy has identified ten trends that interior designers will be showcasing for 2013:

  1. Natural textures like wool, sheepskin and leather, floral
  2. Bold and patterned
  3. Neutrals: always safe and sophisticated. To avoid looking dull add visual excitement by introducing varied finishes and textures. TOUCH is the sense to focus on; mix smooth with rough, shiny with matt.
  4. Busy walls and quiet furniture
  5. Indigo blue: a very popular colour for 2013. It looks most striking when paired with plain white.
  6. Pastels and brights: Use in fairly large rooms where the majority of the space is neutral.
  7. Ice-cream colours: pretty, chalky shades of raspberry, mango, lemon, pistachio and mint.
  8. Eco/natural: Use natural wood and soft textures.
  9. Chinoiserie: oriental inspired design. Black lacquer with red, pink, lime, turquoise and grey.
  10. Patterns inspired by Folklore African, Mexican, Bulgarian, animals and crafts.
Natural design, self catering property in Norfolk

A natural feel for your self catering property in Norfolk

Take a camera and notebook wherever you go and borrow new ideas from different sources – especially interiors shops!

If you are finding it difficult to visualize how the finished room will look, why not create a mood board? With magazine cuttings, fabric and wallpaper samples and photographs, it will really help you build a picture of your perfect room. Alternatively, you could always call in the experts!

For ideas, visit Home Décor Tip, Decoist or for local help and advice throughout north Norfolk, try these outlets:

At Home Interiors, Norwich

Silver Leaf Interiors, Holt

Margaret Sheridan, Hingham

Burnham Interiors, Burnham Market